Comparison of the highest version V9 factory Russian clown Konstantin Chaykin watch

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Regarding this watch, it came out in March of 17 years. At that time, one of the media headlines that had appeared on the watch’s leading platform was the appearance of this clown watch, which was also a global limitation. So who is the founder of Niu’s watch?

It is a very unfamiliar name for laymen, but insiders generally know that it is Check-in. We call it Cheekin Master, and it can also be called Check-in. He is a well-known design engineer and an excellent watchmaker and inventor in Russia. Since 2003, he has devoted himself to designing and manufacturing boutique watches and clocks with extraordinary astronomical functions.

He is a member of the Independent Watchmaker’s Association (AHCI), the masterpiece of Russia’s most sophisticated clockwork. He has invented more than a dozen new complex functions of watches and clocks and put forward many new concepts to watch design and watchmaking.

Unknowingly, fake Konstantin Chaykin watches have been popular in China for two years. Although the brand is tiny, people who have seen it have never forgotten, and even lingered, because the thing is too spiritual, not only nose and eyes but also mouth and face ear!

People who have seen this watch are shocked! Poisoners abound! Countless people pay for it! But the original is limited; you can’t buy it with money, you may have to queue up or increase the price a lot.

The primary mechanism of this watch is nothing more than an ETA2824, and there is no precious metal and precious stones. It is a design that sells for nothing.

Tens of thousands are not worth it. Some people can’t wait and can only turn to the imitation watch market. At the end of last year, an imitation watch manufacturer shipped the product. The price is not high, and the similarity is OK. Since 2019, this imitation watch has sprung up, and significant manufacturers are rushing to ship.

Although it not recommended that everyone buy imitation watches, here, I can’t get the original or the original. I can only buy it in the market. Good impersonation, let me evaluate it by the way. First of all, let’s take a look at the following three original black bottom pictures as a reference, and then look at the two versions that are currently doing well in the imitation watch market.

 In terms of overall feel and appearance, I feel that both have spent a lot of effort, feel excellent and weighty, the materials are unique, and the cost of manual polishing will not below, but from the perspective of the movement function, currently there are only V9 ​​factories on the market Realized all the original features.

Adjust the time on the right.

The left ear (left hand) initially adjusted for the moon phase. The left ear on the market has the following wrong versions:

1. It can twist idly, but the moon phase will not change.

2. It can be fixed and can’t be bent or poked;

3. It can poke, and the tongue can move, but not once a month (original language running track: the tongue runs from left to right once a month);

4 .You can poke holes and adjust the tongue like the original, but the movement is quartz and not mechanical

V9 lasted for two years with thick accumulations and thin hair, breaking the left side, adjusting the heads, and the technical difficulties of the moon phase, and synchronizing with the first, real moon phase functions (tongue, every month, from Run, left to right once). ‌

Based on the original opening die, it also draws the market at the same time, and other short copies of the various short slabs, which have multiple pits and depressions, are fully open from the shell to the function, with a diameter of 42mm.

The original equipment mounted on the ETA2824’s basic movement. It not only can perform the same service but also the flow is stable. It can make a breakthrough from various copies. In the same position, it is comparable to the original.

The dial ‌wholly made like a clown.

The hour dial and ‌ minute dial are the eyes of the little ugly, and the time indicated by the round black pupil of the black ‌ inside.

The pouting mouth is a red moon-colored moon phase, and the corner of the mouth is raised, revealing a mysterious puppet smile. The exaggerated ‌red ‌smile‌ comes from the ‌clown Joker in the famous ‌villain‌ Batman.

In terms of function, the left dial of the eyes indicates ‌ hours, and the right dial of the eyes shows ‌ minutes.

Both of them use the eyeballs to represent the needles. When “time” walks, the “love” of clowns also changes. The design of the “mouth, lips, and lips,” and the white “color of the front door,” just play the role of ‌ covering the moon phase turntable, ‌ completing the moon phase, cloudy, transparent, and round.

1.Moon phase function (the trajectory of tongue movement)

V9: Tongue runs from left to right once a month (synchronous original)

Small factory: Tongue turns once a day (can be called day and night function, but not the moon phase)

2.Eyeball comparison

V9: Seized the most critical part of the clown’s entire expression, his eyes bulged a little, with a slightly convex effect, closer to the original, more spiritual, and black eyes filled with oil more symmetrically.

Xiaochang: The eyeballs are flat, and there is a large gap between the eyeballs, lack of spirituality, uneven color of the eyeballs, and thicker orbits.

3.the tongue process.

V9: The tongue is more three-dimensional, with a slightly convex process like the eyeball, and the same size as the original.

Xiaochang: The condition is excellent, but it seems a little smaller than the original, and there is no slight convexity.

4.the case

V9: At the junction of the raw ear angle and the case, there is a relatively apparent concave angle, which is closer to the original.

Small factory: The same connection does not have the above details.


V9: Just 42mm in diameter, the same as the original, thickness 13.5mm, 0.5mm thicker than the original.

Small factory: The diameter of 42.5mm is 0.5 larger than the original, the thickness is 12.4mm, and the depth is 0.6mm thinner than the original.

6.Comparison of movement

V9: Like the original, it uses Swiss ETA2824 as the basic movement, which can adjust the moon phase with the pen tip poking left ear.

Small factory: ordinary Japanese movement, rough grinding, low cost, but the time is relatively stable.

The above is the comparison between the two better factories at present. It belongs to the elites. They have no intention of advertising V9 and no intention of hacking a small factory. It is just that the editors were fortunate enough to get the actual products of these two factories. Then compare the original picture and compare the original vital parts. if you are looking for similarity, it recommended that you buy V9


This clown watch was shocked last year by the Neva watch and watch. The judges gave the pioneering award to the cutting-edge gold “Automaton Joker”, which was outstanding and outstanding.

Although the prize not awarded to Cheekin, but being able to enter the final nomination means that it has not been able to win a vote of the products produced by the major manufacturers. The V9’s positioning is more friendly, and we try to make it as close as possible to create the closest version to the original.

In the previous article, the author introduced the evaluation of Russian clowns in TW factory replica Konstantin Chaykin vs. V9 factory in detail, so that everyone has a general understanding of Russian clowns in the factory. This market is enormous. Many, today, I will comprehensively introduce the Russian clowns of the factory, so that many watch fans have a more detailed understanding.

TW factory v3 version Konstantin Chaykin joker replica upgrade points

The highest version of TWfake Konstantin Chaykin joker V3S has the real function of quickly adjusting the moon phase to synchronize with the original text, with maximum success, without any blind spots, and fully upgraded.

[Technical breakthrough] The expression of the dial is continually changing with clown faces, rolling eyes, crazy look, and the red tongue that is spitting out. The expression changes are vibrant.

The two eyes are minutes and hours, respectively, and the moon phase is displayed (smiley face). There are more than 20,000 expression changes every day, unique design elements of humorous nature.

[Case diameter 42mmX11.8mm is in sync with the original] Using imported (full-automatic Seiko) watch-made movement, the function is 100% synchronized with the original, stable when traveling, and secure in quality. Overall details The first CNC grinding on the side of the mouth and mouth takes time and effort to adjust the mold multiple times to ensure that the charm and feel are comparable to the original, and to meet all your good feelings for replica Konstantin Chaykin joker “smile.”

TW factory V3 version Konstantin Chaykin why kill the market version!

The v3 version of the movement still uses the Seiko movement, and it entirely dismantled and upgraded again. After the explosion, the test is stable. The right function button quickly adjusts the moon phase, and the moon phase function is synchronized with the original and has been successful. There is no blind zone in the structure of the movement, which can stabilize the shock.

The campaign has an energetic power reserve efficiency. There is a coil-shaped spring on the shock absorber undercarriage, which enables the movement to use for decades.

According to tests, it covers the gem bearings more uniformly and suffers more impact. The contrast of the shock force is excellent, the movement is stable and accurate, the automatic hammer swing frequency is 21600 / hour, and the daily error controlled at about 5 seconds.

Although the size of the watch is not very consistent, as a plaything, I think the v3 version of the factory is even higher.

The case diameter is 42mm, which is compatible with the original factory.The thickness of the claim exceeds the original. The original version is 13.7mm.

The Russian clown in the factory v3 version has achieved 11.8mm. Indeed, many watch fans have asked why they are not the same as the original. But the original text is too thick and bulky.

The V3 version of the Russian clown is to make this watch fit the wrist. Before, watch fans who have learned about the comparison between two, and v9fake Konstantin Chaykin should know that the thickness of v9 is the same as the original, but too Thick is too ugly, so-called genuine, also used to play.